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Eminem Plastic Surgery, What Did he Have Done?

World famous rapper and song writer, he took the world by storm with his smooth lyrics and new style of rap. His legal name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, however we all know him as Eminem. There are many rumors about Eminem plastic surgery.

Over the years, he has become an award winning and record breaking artist. He is loved and revered the world over for his rap music and at times his acting abilities. With all of this fame came a lot of criticism. There are many people who think that he is not a good artist and some recently have been talking about the change in his appearance.

There have been many rumors about plastic surgery procedures that he might have had that would explain the change in his appearance. It has been since his latest appearance at the Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Awards that has people talking about potential surgeries that he might have had.

Eminem Botox

Did Eminem Have a Facelift?

The artist is now in his 40s therefore people are starting to notice some signs that he has had plastic surgery. Many people believe that he has lost his natural looks. Apparently, he has had so many surgeries that he no longer looks like himself. The rumors also state the surgeries were mostly unnecessary and therefore were a waste because instead of making him look younger he now looks strange and older.

He has never discussed the possibility of having surgery but his true fans have noticed a great difference in his appearance. They are concerned because they do not want to be fans of someone who looks different. There are many rumors that he has had many surgeries in order to look younger. However the main issue is that he does not look younger he looks completely different. This would suggest that he has had too many surgeries and tried to change his looks too much.

If this is the case it is starting to effect his career. He is no longer the huge star that he once was. Actually his popularity has gone down since the beginning of his career. The change is his looks started slowly and has now continued to the point where he does not look like himself. Many people think that he has had multiple face lifts.

This is because there are very few signs of aging on his face. He looks young in that respect however he does not look like himself. His face is expressionless. This could also be a sign that he has had many Botox injections. There are few people who think that he has not had any work done. The picture from 2003 until now speak for themselves.

Eminem Plastic Surgery

The change in his looks is not something that happens in the natural aging process, but rather something that is achieved through procedures. It is unfortunate that he felt the need to change his appearance in an attempt to maintain his youth. His fans say that they would still have been his fans if he had aged normally. However this artist decided to go under the knife probably many times and he is now in a position where his fans no longer recognize him. There is also the aspect that he marketed himself as a normal guy.

However normal men do not have cosmetic surgery. These procedure rumors have made him lose his edge and bad boy status. There is the idea that bad boys do not have plastic surgery because they do not care what others think of them. This artist however has changed his looks because he wanted to be younger and therefore his fan base is going down.

People who were once huge fans are no longer. They are choosing to be fans of other rappers who have not gone under the knife. There are different ways to have plastic surgery. It seems as though he went about it the wrong way. Instead of making subtle changes to his face he made too many changes too soon. This changed his appearance too much and made him look like a very different person who his fans could not relate to.