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Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

She is one of the most famous and most successful Disney channel stars. She has acted in many television shows and movies for the Disney channel, that is why there are so many rumors about Hilary Duff plastic surgery before and after photos.

These rumors make headlines even now when she is no longer a Disney star and is acting very little because she is raising a family. At the height of her popularity she was a singer as well as an actress. She had her own Disney channel show called Lizzy McGuire . Duff was only 14 years old when she started acting in this television show.

Therefore she grew up in front of the cameras. This is already very difficult to do but coupled with rumors or plastic surgery it is even worse. She have grown and her body and face have changed therefore people speculate that she have gone under the knife to keep looking young. Given her statements in interviews about plastic surgery and how against it she is, it seems out of character for her to have had any procedures done.

Hilary Duff Nose Job Before and After

However, stranger things have happened in Hollywood. Looking at some of the before and after pictures of this actress one can see a huge difference in her appearance.

Hilary Duff Before and After

Two of the largest rumors about procedures she may have had done are that she has had a nose job as well as breast augmentation. A nose job is medically known as rhinoplasty. By looking at pictures of her before and after there is a noticeable difference with her nose. When she was younger her nose was bulbous and rounder than it is now. Her nose is now very thin and pointer than it was before. Her new nose does compliment her new body and face much more than her old nose would have.

Therefore this surgery, if she had it done, does not alter her appearance very much. If anything it makes her look better. Her new nose really does suit her grown up body much better than her other nose and her fans do not seem to mind that she might have had a nose job because many celebrities and Disney channel stars have done this before. The rumors about the breast augmentation are a little more troublesome. She was known as the girl next door in her television show and she was a huge role model for many young girls worldwide.

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

At the height of her career every little girl had a backpack with her name and picture on it. Girls the world over looked up to her and therefore the possibility that she had a breast augmentation might be sending the wrong message to these girls who are now teenagers and young women. This could also cause a lot of copying by her fans who still look up to her and want to be just like her. It is good to note that the change in her breast size could be due to natural growth from a teenager to an adult.

However many people think that she had her breast augmented because of how perfectly shaped they are. If the rumors are true then she started having plastic surgery at a very young age. This could be dangerous because having plastic surgery means that after a few years you need to have more to maintain the first surgeries you had done. This can lead to over use of plastic surgery or botched surgeries which can changed a person’s appearance dramatically.

If this happens to a star like Duff they can lose their career and empire very quickly. It has happened to many other stars over the years. Therefore she must take care not to fall into the same trap as other have. If she changes her appearance too much her fans may no longer connect with her and she could lose her singing career as well as her acting career. She might also start to look unnatural and plastic looking if she continues to have surgeries. Hopefully, the rumors are just that and are not true because it would be too early for Hilary Duff plastic surgery.