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Did Jennifer Grey’s Nose Job Ruin her Career?

Have you seen that Jennifer Grey Nose Job! Grey is an access that was popular for her starring role in a fan favorite movie!  Jennifer is best know for her roles in the 1980s movies Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the American romantic drama Dirty Dancing starring Jennifer with Patrick Swayze.

People have always wondered – did Jennifer Grey get a nose job? Well, today we are going to put your curiosity to rest. Below, you will find some old and current pictures of her nose and we’ll help you answer the question of whether she’s been under the knife or not!

Looking at the pictures above and below, there is no doubt a Jennifer Grey nose job has taken place and a bad one at that. In fact, her nose job has been labeled as one of the worst celebrity nose jobs in Hollywood over the years. She had a nose job in 1989, a couple of months after Dirty Dancing was filmed. She has admitted to having a nose job however it went very wrong.

jennifer grey nose job before after

Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Instead of making her most predominant feature a little less noticeable the procedure made her look like a different person. She looks so different that nobody could recognize her after the surgery. She has said that she came out of the procedure and it was like she was no longer famous because no one could recognize her. The new nose changed her face so much that she was no longer getting any work. Her career ended quickly because no one wanted the new nose they wanted the original beauty that she had before the surgery.

Therefore, her decision to get the work done was probably the worst decision of her entire life. Not only did it all but end her career people she knew where having a hard time adjusting to her new look. She lost her identity and is known as the poster child for bad surgery decisions. She must really regret getting a nose job and she had become a cautionary tale for many and a joke for some. Recently she has appeared on some reality television shows and a few years ago she resurfaced for the Dirty Dancing anniversary but she does not have the same super fans or following that she did before.

Jennifer pretty much blames her nose job for killing her movie career. WOW

jennifer grey nose job

Jennifer Grey had one of the cutest noses in the movie Dirty Dancing. She however did not like her nose and wanted to change it because she thought a new nose would make her more popular. But unfortunately, she followed the long line of Hollywood movie stars who couldn’t resist going under the knife to alter their bodies. Rumors have it that Jennifer went under the knife for her first nose job immediately after the movie shoots were completed.

She recently showed up as a judge on Strictly, but what was she doing after the horrible nose job? Here’s a breakdown of her career:

1979: Danced in an advertisement for Dr. Pepper

1984: She made her film debut in Reckless, followed by her roles in Red Dawn, and The Cotton Club

1985: Appeared in American Flyers by John Badham and at that point she became associated with the Brat Pack group of actors.

1986: She starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as his sarcastic sister Jeanie.

1990’s: She had plastic surgery done to remodel her nose in the hope that it would lead to more work. The botched surgery ruined her career prospects and it went downhill from here.

1995: Played Rachel’s former friend Mindy in an episode of Friends.

1995: She was in the CBS TV movie The West Side Waltz alongside Liza Minnelli and Kathy Bates

2008: Provided voice acting for the children’s series Phineas and Ferb

2010: She played Abbey, the mother of a sick child in the show House.

2010: She won Dancing with the Stars with her partner Derek Hough.

Well, looking at the timeline, it certainly looks like the Jennifer Grey nose job really did ruin her career! Looks like she should have left things alone. She is not the first celebrity this has happened to and she will not be the last.

Did Jennifer Grey get a nose job? What do you think?