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Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Nose Job

She is a model, actress, author and activist yet she is not immune to rumors about her looks. Rumors have followed her about Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery. She was born in 1972. She started her career as a model and she posed for Playboy and was Playmate of the year in 1993.

This launched her career and she went on to become an MTV host soon after. This launched her career and made her a household name however, rumors about her appearance have followed her since she started to become famous. The rumors intensified when she admitted to loving Botox and saying that plastic surgery makes you feel good about yourself. Looking at some of the before and after pictures of her you can see a difference especially in her cheeks and face. It is no secret that she has also had breast augmentations, and Botox injections.

McCarthy has had many rumors swilling around about the procedures she has had done. The rumors started first about her cheeks and face. Many people believe that she has had cheek implants. They see evidence of this by looking at before and after pictures of her. There are other people that think she has had a facelift because her skin does not show many signs of aging as the face of a 40 year old should.

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic Surgery and Nose Job

She has no age lines or wrinkles on her face. She is also one of the few people in Hollywood who has admitted to having and enjoying Botox Injections. She has mentioned that she has them frequently but she does not have too many that way she can still move her face. Botox injections are very common in Hollywood.

Most actors over 30 year of age have had them done at least one time but not many will admit to it. Her career was also launched because of plastic surgery. Jenny became Playmate of the year in 1993 because of her breast implants. You can see that she has had a breast augmentation be looking at before and after pictures of her.

She has also admitted to having had breast implants. She is now also famous for being an activist and promoting autism awareness. This has brought even more rumors about her looks because she has become more public and is appearing more in public. She has also recently posed for Playboy again in July 2012.

Instead of dieting and exercising she decided to have some plastic surgery procedures instead. However, she went a little crazy with the procedures. She had a nose job as well as cheek filler injections to make herself look younger before her photo shoot. She also prepared by having some extra botox injections.

As far as plastic surgery goes Jenny has had many procedures, almost too many to count. However, she has not started to look too unnatural as of yet. She must be aware of how many procedures she has because having too many can result in an unnatural look. If she begins to look unnatural then she might lose her career.

Jenny McCarthy Nose Job Before and After

People might not buy her books, watch her reality shows or listen to her speak about her charities if she has too many surgeries. This has happened to many Hollywood celebrities both male and female. Some people have tried to keep track of how many surgeries she has had. According to rumors she is on her 3rd set of implants since they only last about 10 years each.

There are also rumors that she has got bigger implants this time around. Whatever the case may be she will continue to be a topic of rumors and conversation as long as she continues to discuss her plastic surgery procedures and as long as she continues to be in the spot light. Jenny McCarthy has always been a topic of conversation in celebrity magazines and even more so now that she is recently married and has a new reality television show coming out with her new husband. She is opening up her life so much that she should expect many people to talk about her. Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery rumors will not stop anytime soon.