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Why Did Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery?

She is a world famous and celebrated singer and actress therefore it makes her susceptible to rumors. Many people have been talking about if Mariah Carey plastic surgery is something that has happened or not. However many people have noticed a huge change in both her face and her body that started from the beginning of her career until now.

The changes over the years have been quite subtle looking at before and after pictures makes the changes look so different. She has always denied that she has had any plastic surgery but the pictures speak for themselves. She tells the media that she is all natural and has never gone under the knife.

She says that the difference in her looks is due to a healthy diet and exercises. When she started her music career she was a young sweet girl next door type. Her looks might not have changed because of surgeries but they might have.

Mariah Carey Before and After

Breast Implants Just A Rumor?

People who age naturally change differently than people who have had plastic surgery. She had twins and she gain a lot of weight during the pregnancy. Trying to lose this weight might have caused her to have some plastic surgeries. She now looks curvier than she did before. Her breasts are a different size and her cheeks are different.

This could be from weight gain or because of surgery. There are many rumors about her breasts. Many people think that she has had a boob job recently because her breasts are bigger than they were before. It is normal for a pregnant woman’s breasts to change but hers did not change after she stopped breast feeding.

They are very round shaped and look a little unnatural and very firm. This is why there are so many rumors about her breasts. However there is no real evidence and she has never spoken about it. Her claims that diet and exercise are why she looks the way she does, do not account for her breast shape and size. The only way to get breasts like that is to have a breast augmentation.

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery

There are other rumors about Botox injections. A woman of her age should have some signs of aging. They could be wrinkles or lines on their faces. However she does not have any of these and her skin is perfect. Her cheeks also look bigger than they were before. Therefore the rumors are that she has had many Botox injections as well as cheek fillers to make herself look younger.

She did have a great motivation to look younger, she was married to a much younger man, who has since filed for divorce from her. She wants to look young so she had a lot of procedures done to help her achieve this. However she looks different than she did when she was younger. She is starting to look very different than she did when she was younger and not in a natural way.

It seems as though since she gave birth to her twins that she has been trying very hard to lose the weight and change her appearance at the same time. This could very well backfire for her. The more plastic surgery that she has, the more her face changes and the less she looks like herself. This might anger her fans and they might no longer want to listen to her music. Some of her biggest critics think her career is already over.

They believe that the amount of surgeries that she might have had has changed her appearance for the worse. Her voice has also changed over the years and she no long sing as she once did. She is becoming an irrelevant singer and her acting career was horrible. She was in one movie that flopped at the box office. Therefore her critics think that she should retire from public life and spend her time raising her twins instead of having surgeries to make herself look younger to regain her career. If she continues like this she will never be about to comeback from this.