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Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lately he has become one of the best and most sought after actors in Hollywood. This is the reason why the rumors of Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery have become common.

He was first known for being the sexy Southerner who was the lead male role in many romantic comedies. He then graduated to serious roles. He has since won an Oscar for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club. People in the industry have started to take him seriously as a serious actor.

However, with this new success comes a lot of people who are criticizing him. His critics think that he only got the role that won him the Oscar because he had plastic surgery done. He is a sporty and youthful person. Therefore there must be pressure on him to maintain his looks. Many people think he has had a hair transplant and some other surgeries on his face.

Matthew McConaughey Before and After

Did Matthew Have Some Work Done?

When you look at pictures of him from the past until now you can see that there has been a change in his hair. This could just be because he changed his hair style. In pictures from 1999 until 2005 there is a huge difference in his hair line. In the earlier pictures he looked like he was starting to lose his hair and go bald but in the later pictures he no longer looks like he is balding.

A man’s hair line receding is not something that grows back by itself unless they have a surgical procedure done. There are many surgeries that a man can do to get his hair line back. Some people think that he has had a hair transplant sometime between when the pictures were taken. With his new hair line he looks younger and sexier.

This actor will not admit to having any surgeries but he does talk about taking pills to help his hair grow more. He has admitted to using a drug called Regenix. Many people as well as experts say that no drug can re-grow hair, there is not miracle pill. The only way to get a good result is by having a transplant.

Therefore, the speculation is mounting about his new hair line and what procedures he might have had. He added to the rumors by stating that he takes Regenix. There are also other rumors about procedures he might have had. Looking at more pictures from before and now there is a difference in his face. His eyes look much more open than they did before. This is usually a sign of a person having had eyelid plastic surgery.

Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery

His eyelids have very little skin over them. He might have had this procedure to make his face look younger. In Hollywood there is a lot of pressure to look young. Especially for men, there has been mounting pressure to look youthful at all times and many actors are having plastic surgery to do this.

He also has had a lot of sun damage to his face so if he had this procedure makes sense because it is known to reverse sun damage. There is a lot of speculation surrounding him lately. He is getting a lot of attention since he won his Oscar but not all of this attention has been positive. With more attention comes more negative press and critics. Some people wait for a person to have a lot of success so that they can tear them down.

This seems to be happening to this actor. People have started to look at him from the past until now and they are criticizing any differences they have found. Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery might or might not have happened. What this actor must do is remember to not have too many surgeries. This happens to a lot of actors, they have too many procedures and then they lose their careers because they do not look like themselves. Hopefully this will not happen to him.